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Book Review: “The One Percenter Encyclopedia” by Bill Hayes

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Motorbooks sent me one of their newest publications, “The One Percenter Encyclopedia” for review. The book was written by Bill Hayes.

Bill Hayes is an avid motorcyclist whose articles, columns, and fiction have been published in Easyriders, Thunder Press, and Biker magazines. His column in Real Blues magazine has run for many years and several of his feature articles on martial arts have appeared in Black Belt magazine. Bill writes passionately about the things he loves and knows best: motorcycles, the blues, and martial arts.

(Motorbooks website)

Do I love it? Eh… it’s OK. I think there are some who’ll love it; others, not so much.

First off, you should know that it is not exclusively One Percent. It’s more like the Three Piece Patch Encyclopedia, but that probably wouldn’t have been so intriguing a title. There are varying degrees of information about the clubs with many of them being a sentence that indicates they’ve been of interest to law enforcement at some point in time. It’s clear upon reading where the author’s allegiance lies; one of the “Big Five”  seems to only have been mentioned because there would be a glaring hole otherwise.

A few all-female clubs have been mentioned, but Hayes is so apologetic about it, he should have just left them out. He states in the beginning that Christian clubs and clean and sober clubs have been excluded but then goes on to not only mention Phil Aguilar and the Set Free Soldiers (understandably so), but also the Black Sheep, which is a Christian club that ministers to HOG chapters. Of course this leaves me wondering why clean and sober clubs are so abhorrent, especially when you consider the reason those folks decided a change in lifestyle would be beneficial.

Despite there being some things that bugged me (it would be impossible to write this book without pissing virtually everyone off to some degree, at some point), there are interesting stories from other contributors. I particularly like the one about the Pagans outside the Outlaws clubhouse in Ohio, apparently a story never told before this book was published. Hayes has some good stories of his own. I found myself recalling fond memories (winning 3rd place in a chili contest hosted by the Yonkers Motorcycle Club, among others) that had been shoved into the archives of my brain.

“The One Percenter Encyclopedia” isn’t very well-named, and the content is on the heavily subjective side, but it is interesting and you’ll definitely learn something. The photographs of patches throughout the book and the literature review at the back of the book make it worth the price of admission. The book is available on the Motorbooks website for $29.99, or you can get it at Amazon for $19.79.


One Bad Bitch

Monday, February 20th, 2012

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Jen Berryhill, the owner of One Bad Bitch. She had just started a new feature on her site called “Fueled by Passion” and was interested in featuring me. I think she originally came to me because of a project I’m no longer involved in, but after I checked out her website and saw lots of cool stuff, I sent her my book so she could check it out.

There are a lot of women who ride out there. Not minimizing it, but what was once really bold for a woman is no longer such a big deal. Just as there are many different kinds of men who ride, so it goes for women. I had a feeling Jen and I were of the same mind. We talked a bit, and I asked her if I could do a book signing at her booth at the swap meet. It worked out well since she is now setting up two booths, one under the “Fueled by Passion” banner. It was perfect!

I went down on Friday to get my armband for the weekend and help set up. Also helping was a fiery young Ducati rider/racer named MoJo. It was fun to see all of One Bad Bitch’s offerings. They aren’t a simple “oh, look at me, I ride a Harley” kind of thing, but more of a “I’ll race you up the canyon, asshole” message. How could I not love a shirt with a long-haired female skeleton gripping her ape hangers with the message, “‘Til Death Do Us Part”? And even though I tend to be a low-bling girl, the rhinestones on the skeleton’s finger and eye are pretty cool.

I had a great weekend hanging with the One Bad Bitch crew. Jen’s husband Brian is a strongly supportive partner in the business. MoJo had way too much fun, to the delight of all who wandered by the booth, and I enjoyed soaking up her overflowing energy. Jen finally got around to reading my book and loved it, and she’s featured it on her Fueled by Passion column. One Bad Bitch is not simply a clothing company that did the market research for badass women’s clothing; she’s living it. Please visit her site and take a look around.