Another ride

A friend of mine gives me a hard time about how much preparation I did for my first cross-country trip. It really was too much. In 2010 I took a second cross-country trip, this time going from Colorado to Vermont, down to Georgia, across to Texas, and back to Colorado. I was going to meet my granddaughter in Vermont who was born while I was on the road there. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to ride until three days before I left.

I wrote on that trip as well, posting to my 50 First Dates blog. I’ve wanted to pull it out and make it more accessible. Maybe I just want to relive being on the road while it’s the middle of winter. Regardless, I’m linking the entries from that trip to this post. They’ll open in the same tab, so when you’re done reading, you can hit the back button and come back for the next installment – if you’re so inclined. It’s somewhat of a sequel to Shovelhead Redemption.

I really wish I could be on the road again.

One Response to Another ride

  1. Rocky says:

    Good to see you’re again writing in 2012.

    I. too, am anxious over the real need to get out on the long lonesomes. Winter will pass, and again we’ll ride. Maybe I’ll get out that way again.

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