Note to an F&I guy

I just got back from my third around-the-country trip on my 2001 FXST – Softail Standard. The odometer reads just over 144,444 (I hit that yesterday morning), with an actual mileage total closer to 150K. Not bad for a 12-year-old “bar-hopper.” 50,000 miles ago, I wouldn’t have thought she’d have two more 5,000+ mile trips in her, but she did. Although Hot01 has a few aches and pains, she runs amazingly well for a bike that’s 102 in people years.

But more important than the miles are the memories; the friends met, loves lost, storm fronts battled, ferry and border crossings, state lines welcomed and happy to have passed, national parks visited, campgrounds sleeping¬† with the front wheel an arms reach away, and the tender moments of motorcycle maintenance. So Mr. Finance Manager, when you’re dying to sell me a new bike and think a trade-in will make a better deal, telling me my bike isn’t much more than a liability waiting to happen is not going to get you on my good side.¬† But make no mistake, trying to downplay the value of a bike with that kind of mileage to the woman who put all the miles on it, is not helping her see your point of view. I didn’t ask you to put a price on the love of my life, because I knew you couldn’t come close.

If you work for a Harley dealership, you should understand the heart and soul behind 150,000 miles on a Harley-Davidson.

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